Monday, August 17, 2009

Utah Fruit Is On The Way!!!!

Utah Fruit Is On The Way!!!
Here is a list of what we can get and prices:
Peaches - 32 lbs - $20.50
Large Pears - 38 lbs - $20.50
Jumbo Pears - 38 lbs - $22.00
Red Delicious - 38 lbs - $24.00
Ginger Gold Apples - 38 lbs - $25.00
Raspberries - 8 lbs -$25.00

Delivery will begin on September 8th and continue every Wednesday in September. We will have 3 pick-up locations this fall.
-The first location is in Gilbert at Chandler Heights and Higley
- The second is in Queen Creek at Ironwood and Ocotillo
-The third is in Mesa at Gilbert and McKellips. Please note if you want to use the Mesa pickup location you need to add $.50 per case to your order.

When your fruit arrives you will be e-mailed about pick-up. You will have 2 days to pickup your fruit, failure to do so will result in the resale with no refund. All orders must be paid for before your order will be placed.

Please e-mail orders or questions to


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  1. Oh wow this is exciting, I will be looking into this and tell my MIL about it too!