Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Canning Jars Anyone?

We are doing another order of canning jars in two weeks. Below are the prices, there are 12 jars in each case except the 1/2 gallon there are 6 jars in that case. *Don't forget the jar shortage in the valley last year when peaches and apples came in, don't get caught up in that again.

1/2 pint - $6.60
reg mouth pint - $7.25
wide mouth pint - $8.00
reg mouth quart - $8.00
wide mouth quart - $9.00
1/2 gallon - $8.00
reg mouth lids - 1.50

There are 3 pick-up locations... Gilbert (Chandler Heights and Higley), Queen Creek (Ironwood/Ocotillo) and Mesa (Gilbert/Brown). If you choose the Mesa location you need to add $.25 per case to cover our cost of delivering the to that location.
E-mail rugettingprepared@yahoo.com if you are interested in ordering and we will confirm your order and give you a total. Payment is due before we order, we will give you the address on where to send your payment.

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