Monday, August 17, 2009

Utah Fruit Is On The Way!!!!

Utah Fruit Is On The Way!!!
Here is a list of what we can get and prices:
Peaches - 32 lbs - $20.50
Large Pears - 38 lbs - $20.50
Jumbo Pears - 38 lbs - $22.00
Red Delicious - 38 lbs - $24.00
Ginger Gold Apples - 38 lbs - $25.00
Raspberries - 8 lbs -$25.00

Delivery will begin on September 8th and continue every Wednesday in September. We will have 3 pick-up locations this fall.
-The first location is in Gilbert at Chandler Heights and Higley
- The second is in Queen Creek at Ironwood and Ocotillo
-The third is in Mesa at Gilbert and McKellips. Please note if you want to use the Mesa pickup location you need to add $.50 per case to your order.

When your fruit arrives you will be e-mailed about pick-up. You will have 2 days to pickup your fruit, failure to do so will result in the resale with no refund. All orders must be paid for before your order will be placed.

Please e-mail orders or questions to


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Canning Jars Anyone?

We are doing another order of canning jars in two weeks. Below are the prices, there are 12 jars in each case except the 1/2 gallon there are 6 jars in that case. *Don't forget the jar shortage in the valley last year when peaches and apples came in, don't get caught up in that again.

1/2 pint - $6.60
reg mouth pint - $7.25
wide mouth pint - $8.00
reg mouth quart - $8.00
wide mouth quart - $9.00
1/2 gallon - $8.00
reg mouth lids - 1.50

There are 3 pick-up locations... Gilbert (Chandler Heights and Higley), Queen Creek (Ironwood/Ocotillo) and Mesa (Gilbert/Brown). If you choose the Mesa location you need to add $.25 per case to cover our cost of delivering the to that location.
E-mail if you are interested in ordering and we will confirm your order and give you a total. Payment is due before we order, we will give you the address on where to send your payment.